Sicily’s stunning “Zingaro” Nature Reserve, plus some delicious dishes from Western Sicily! 西西里惊艳的“Zingaro”自然保护区,和一些西方西西里的美味菜肴!

参观“Zingaro”保护区,距离San Vito Lo Capo仅20分钟路程,是一种独特的体验。你会发现自己沉浸在一个野生的自然环境中,穿过矮树棕榈树和迷迭香斑点的洞穴,这些洞穴突然向岩石峭壁和加勒比海湾开放,特别是在夏季,这将是一种放松身心的乐趣。
从保护区的北边进入(从San Vito Lo Capo), 你会遇到八个美丽的渨(第八个渨只是在保护区之外,在圣所的南边,Scopello)。“Zingaro”以其海滩,水下清澈海床和水下洞穴而闻名,丰富的海鲜,但还有更多。 沿途有几个容身之地,您可以休息一下,在秋天仍然可以洗澡,和在北入口有一个海洋活动博物馆 _如传统金枪鱼钓鱼。

Visiting the “Zingaro” Reserve, just 20 minutes from San Vito Lo Capo, is a unique experience; you will find yourself immersed in a wild natural environment, with trails traversing dwarf palm trees and rosemary spots, caves that suddenly open onto the rocky cliffs and Caribbean coves where, especially in summer, it will be a pleasure to stay for a relaxing bath.
We don’t know the reason why this area is called “gypsy”; in fact, there is no news of nomads living in these areas by historical sources, while there is the presence of a colony of Lombards in the 13th century.
The Zingaro Reserve, the first in Sicily, was established in 1981 by the Sicilian Region. Entering from the North Side of the Reserve (from San Vito Lo Capo) you will encounter 8 beautiful coves (the eighth bay is just outside the Riserva, on the South side of the Reserve, Scopello).
Zingaro is particularly famous for its beaches, the clear and rich seabed, and the underwater caves, but there is much more. There are several refuges along the footpaths where you can take a break, a sea that in autumn still allows bathing and the Museum of marine activities – such as the traditional tuna fishing – at the north entrance.

关于食物,我们可以在这个地方找到粗糙而美味的“pane cunzato”,方言意思是“粗糙的面包”或者”破败的面包”。 有很多变种金枪鱼和西红柿,还有沙丁鱼和奶酪。
“Busiate”面食也是这里特别的第一道菜,主要是新鲜和手工制作,可以用茄子,箭鱼,新鲜的番茄和面包屑等进行调味。 必须尝试!

As regards food, we can find rough and delicious “pane cunzato” in this place, which in dialect mean means approximately “roughed up bread”. There are many variants with tuna and tomatoes, or with sardines and cheese cubes.
“Busiate” pasta is also a special first dish here, mainly fresh and handmade, which can be seasoned with eggplant, swordfish, fresh tomato and bread crumbs…etc. Mhhh…Must try!

Busiate trapanese

Busiate swordfish

Pane cunzato


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