On the trail of Ulysses and Aeneas…Gaeta Gulf! 追蹑尤利西斯和埃涅阿斯。。。Gaeta海湾!


Circe the witch. 女巫Circe
Circe’s portrait, Circe的肖像

一旦他们从特洛伊战争回来,荷马时代说中的几个人物实际上已经转移到了Lazio海岸:埃涅阿斯谁在Gaeta,在那里失去了他的奶妈者Cajeta,在达到Lavinio之前~ 来自Argo的Corace或Dardanus,特洛伊人民的创始人,与Cori的建立有关~ 尤利西斯,他将船停泊在当今的Gaeta海湾,在Artakie泉水中供水,然后遇到了Formia附近的食人者巨人Lestrigoni。
Gaeta与其海湾,是一个美丽的海滨度假胜地与古老的起源。值得中途停留,不仅仅是为了美丽的海滩和大海宣布“蓝绿洲”,还可以参观尤利西斯里维埃拉地区公园,土耳其人的石窟(Grotta del Turco)和破裂山圣殿(Santuario della Montagna Spaccata)。 值得一尝的是Gaeta的典型tiella,一种夹馅的披萨。

View on Gaeta Gulf, Gaeta海湾

“… We sailed on and on the island of Eèa, where Circe, a terrible Diva, with frizzy hair and a sweet aria, sojourned” (Odyssey, Lyric X).

It is a suggestive itinerary the one that retraces places and characters told in the ancient literature, a journey to discover the Greek myth, among splendours, archaeological sites and nature.
Back from the Trojan War, several characters of the Homeric tale, in fact, moved to the Latium coasts: Aeneas, who, before reaching Lavinio, stayed in Gaeta where he lost his nurturer Cajeta; Corace from Argo or Dardanus, the founder of Trojans, to whom is connected the establishment of Cori. Ulysses, who moored his ships in the prevailing Gaeta Gulf, supplied himself with water at Artakie springs and ran into the terrible Lestrigons, anthropophagous giants around Formia.
Gaeta, with its gulf, is a beautiful seaside resort with ancient origins. It’s worth a stopover, not just for the beatiful beaches and the sea declared “Blue Oasis”, but also for visiting the Regional Park of the Ulysses Riviera, the Turkish Grotto (Grotta del Turco) and the Shrine of the Cracked Mountain (Santuario della Montagna Spaccata). It’s worth also a taste the typical “tiella” from Gaeta, a sort of stuffed pizza.

Lestrigoni Giants attacking Ulysses巨人攻击尤利西斯
tiella stuffed with octopus, tiella与章鱼


Shrine of the Cracked Mountain破裂山圣殿
Shrine of the Cracked Mountain破裂山圣殿
Turkish grotto, 土耳其人的石窟
View from the Shrine of the Cracked Mountain,目光从破裂的山圣殿
Special climbing into the Sanctuary, 特别爬进圣殿 All credits from this picture to Portmobility Civitavecchia





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  1. Mohicani ha detto:

    splendido articolo su gaeta brava..

  2. 希琳娜 ha detto:

    夾餡的批薩和中國食物很像呢 !

    1. Giulia_O ha detto:

      真? 哪个中餐看起来和夾餡的批薩一样?:D

  3. Sam ha detto:

    nice place and great photo! thanks for sharing this!!!

    1. Giulia_O ha detto:

      Thank you for reading! 😀 see you soon!

  4. Timothy Price ha detto:

    I love the tales of brave Ulysses. Amazing photos. I wouldn’t climb down those cliffs, but I would love to visit the area.

    1. Giulia_O ha detto:

      I wouldn’t climb too ahaha it’s not me in that pic. Thank you very much! I’ve studied the tales of Ulysses in Gymnasium highschool 🙂

  5. Will Pennington ha detto:

    My lifelong dream is to visit Greece and all the places I’ve read about in mythology. I wish I could read ancient Greek.

    1. Giulia_O ha detto:

      I’ve studied ancient Greek in Gymnasium highschool. It’s absolutely complicated :/

  6. Edward Tan ha detto:

    gorgeous, wish i could here one day

    1. Giulia_O ha detto:

      If you travel to Lazio, Italy, do not forget to go there 😉

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