What is actually the “lake with a hole” in Portugal?葡萄牙的“有洞的湖”实则是什么?

我非常好奇这个湖的性质,所以我做了一些研究 🙂
这个不寻常的湖泊叫做Covãodos Conchos,位于Serra da Estrela,葡萄牙大陆最高的山脉。
与Serra da Lousã一起,它是“Sistema Central”的西方最成分范围,也是系统中最高的之一。
它包括葡萄牙大陆的平均海平面以上的1993公尺(6539英尺)的最高点 (虽然葡萄牙亚速尔群岛的Mount Pico高峰是较高)。
Serra da Estrela拥有一坝的座水电站,其中一部坝确实是Covão dos Conchos。它看起来像湖中的自然水槽,乍一看,但它在1955年被修建为溢洪道,并且作为从里贝拉das Naves到Lagoa Comprida的水分流。
美国文学经典的Moby Dick的第四十一章含一个与周围山脉有关的传说:


I was very curious about the nature of this lake, so I’ve made some researches 🙂
This unusual lake is called Covão dos Conchos, is located in Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain range in Continental Portugal.
Together with the Serra da Lousã, it is the western most constituent range of the “Sistema Central” and also one of the highest in the system. It includes mainland Portugal’s highest point at 1993 metres (6539 feet) above mean sea level (although the summit of Mount Pico in the Portuguese Azores islands is higher).
The Serra da Estrela houses a hydroelectric system of dams, part of which is indeed the Covão dos Conchos. It looks like a natural sinkhole within the lake, at first glance, but it was constructed as a spillway in 1955 and acts as a water diversion from Ribeira das Naves to Lagoa Comprida.
A legend associated with the surrounding mountain is mentioned in chapter 41 of the American literary classic Moby Dick:

“…The prodigies related in old times of the inland Strello mountain in Portugal (near whose top there was said to be a lake in which the wrecks of ships floated up to the surface)…”

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  1. Fernando Rozano ha detto:

    interesting post and the desire to know the lake is immense. Many thanks for the wonderful post.

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      Thanks to you for reading the post 🙂 I thought you were from Portugal, because you write Portuguese. Or you from Brazil maybe?

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  5. This hole is surprising. Hope to visit serra da estrela again in the near future so that i can take some pictures. Your post is great 🙂

    1. Giulia_O ha detto:

      Thank you! Hopefully you can go there soon 🙂

  6. Major thanks for the article.Really thank you! Will read on

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