Adrenaline Alpine Coaster in Austria! 奥地利森林里的一条肾上腺素云霄飞车!


Imst – 欧洲最长的高山过山车! 成人12欧元
Mieders – 仅在夏季至9月初才开放
Golm – 2.600米长!

You have come to the right page if you want to add fun and a unique experience to your vacation, or just spend a different out-of-town weekend!
If you are in Austria, you can choose one of these three places to venture on an Alpine Coaster:

Imst– The longest Alpine coaster in Europe! cost 12 € for adults
Mieders Koppeneck – open only in summer until early September
Golm – 2.600 meters long!

Imst and Golm close by the end of October and reopen in May/June.

Feel free to fly, immersed in the forest! 随意飞翔,沉浸在森林里!
enjoy the amazing panorama! 享受惊人的全景!
ride with your friends and family, 和你的朋友和家人一起玩

轨道是全景的,沉浸在大自然中,许多下坡部分和惊人的曲线,使其更有趣,你也可以决定是刹车还是让自己一路下降全速! 也许你会发现自己在一个相当长的队列中等待你的回合,特别是在夏季和周末,但它一定是值得的!


您可以决定在骑车期间购买为您拍摄的照片! 此外,所有这些地方都有其他景点,如游乐场,骑quad,自然地,也有餐厅提提神,玩儿之后。

The track is panoramic, immersed in nature, with many downhill parts and breathtaking curves, making it all the more fun, you can also decide whether to brake or to let yourself go all the way down- full speed! Perhaps you will find yourself in a rather long queue waiting for your turn, especially in summer and weekend, but it will certainly be worth it!

If you love nature and you’re planning to go Austria, do not miss the Austrian Green Lake!

You can decide to buy the picture taken for you during your ride! Moreover, all these places have other attractions such as playgrounds, quad tours, and of course restaurants to take refreshments after the fun.
A once in a lifetime experience!

All credits to Davidjellis for the video


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