I’m back! 我回来了!

I am back after a while! 🙂 Pictures of a nice sunny day from the place where I am currently living! 过了一会儿我回来了!:) 从我目前居住的地方拍摄一个美好的阳光灿烂的日子! #kitzbühel #Kitzbuehel #Hahnenkamm #Austria #Tirol New posts coming soon 🙂 新帖子即将推出! Follow me! https://www.facebook.com/theeurogecko/ https://www.instagram.com/g_sibilovegood/ Please follow and like us:

Adrenaline Alpine Coaster in Austria! 奥地利森林里的一条肾上腺素云霄飞车!

  如果您想为您的假期添加乐趣和独特的体验,或者只是花费不同的城外周末,您会来到正确的页面! 如果您在奥地利,您可以选择这三个地方之一来冒险参加高山过山车: Imst – 欧洲最长的高山过山车! 成人12欧元 Mieders – 仅在夏季至9月初才开放 Golm – 2.600米长! You have come to the right page if you want to add fun and a unique experience to your vacation, or just spend a different out-of-town weekend! If you are in Austria, you can choose one of these three places to venture on an Alpine…

4 Days Trip to Kitzbühel, Hallstatt, Salzburg and Venice! 四日游在Kitzbühel, Hallstatt, 萨尔茨堡和威尼斯!

这是一个非常有趣的旅程的建议,您可以在4天内从奥地利西北部到意大利东北部。 如果你想降低成本,理想的方法是乘坐公共汽车从一个城市到另一个城市:事实上,这个地区由奥地利国家公司“Austrian Postbus”和“Hellö Bus”(奥地利联邦铁路公司的子公司)提供服务。 您也可以依靠德国低成本公司“Flixbus”,它可以三下五除二连接欧洲大部分城市。 相反,如果您喜欢乘火车旅行,您可以通过https://www.oebb.at/轻松预订机票。真正值得与奥地利联邦铁路公司ÖBB一起旅行,因为虽然门票不便宜,但火车绝对干净舒适。 This is a recommendation for a very interesting trip that you can do in just 4 days, from northwest Austria to northeastern Italy. If you want to reduce the costs, the ideal is to travel from one city to another by bus: in fact, this area is well served…

绿色湖在奥地利。一个梦想的地方,大多数人还不知道!Green Lake in Austria, a dream place that most of the people still don’t know!

  奥地利的秘密绿色湖泊位于Hochschwab山脉,Styria地区。这个湖在冬天只是一条徒步路径。初夏时,雪融化形成一个完全清澈的湖泊。 湖有草地,完整的水下小径,公园长椅和桥梁。 非常酷! 这个地方只能乘汽车到达。 The secret green lake of Austria is located in the Hochschwab mountains, region of Styria. The lake is actually a hiking trail in the winter. In the early summer, the snow melts to form a completely clear lake, which has a grassy bottom, complete underwater trails, park benches and bridges….